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Yearling SCIS on the Web

08 July 2004

The attempt of young State Commission on Information Security (SCIS) to inform a wide audience about its structure and activities, applicable legislation, related regulatory requirements for all state and business entities operating with classified information, now found its Web expression.

Starting July 6, representatives from organizational units in continual touch with the commission or foreign analogous structures, or simply inquisitive site surfers may type www.dksi.bg and instantaneously reach the information they seek.

For those with specific questions, commission officials have let their doors open with the Web-based inquiry form. The site visitor needs just to enter his name, question, attribute it to the corresponding directorate of the state institution. The answer will be available in a matter of three working days.

Executor of the project BSH deployed the Web site on the Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 to allow for easy internal use, content publication and maintenance.

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