BSH Difference

Our main advantages as a services provider are:

We Provide Complete Solutions

We handle all aspects a software solution might have – graphic design, software development and project management. There is no need to work with different service providers anymore. You can find everything you need in one place.​

We are Easy to Communicate with

Bulgaria is an EU member country. Similar business culture and geographical proximity enable us to better understand needs and requirements of our European clients. We have established practices for effective remote collaboration with clients from different geographic locations. In fact, whether we are on site or working remotely we are able to provide the same services and solutions to our customers and partners.

We Build Long-term Partnerships

We build trust with our clients through strong commitment and reliable support services. We believe in long-term partnerships and invest in making them work for the long term.

We Focus on Quality

From the beginning, BSH has given the highest priority to the quality of software development and graphic design services. We continue to develop and evolve our proven BSH processes to align with best practices and emerging standards. Our quality assurance system is ISO 9001 certified.

We Offer Flexible Pricing Models

We offer flexible pricing models to ensure our clients’ competitive advantage in a changing marketplace, i.e., hourly rates for long-term projects (where the total effort cannot be estimated in advance and/or the scope of work may vary), or fixed price contracts (for projects and tasks with well defined requirements). We confer with our clients to develop the pricing structure that fits their business model best.

BSH Framework


New technologies change business realities, inducing companies to rethink and retool to stay competitive. BSH experts help our clients visualize and translate strategic direction into solutions that leverage technologies to improve their operational and market performance.


Experienced system architects create innovative solutions, making the most of the latest technologies and our project management capabilities. However, BSH goes even farther than that as our first-rate designer team transforms the ideas into professional artistic messages, highly appealing and user-friendly interfaces.


BSH constantly invests in its dedicated and highly skilled IT professionals to keep them well positioned on the leading edge of new developer platforms and technologies. Take advantage of their expertise and experience to develop, test, and implement solutions according to your predefined requirements.


We understand that the major objective of the technology we provide is to generate value for our customers. We successfully implement Total Quality Management techniques to assure system reliability and high level of client satisfaction. We work in close collaboration with our customers as their "on-line IT department", supporting their day-to-day activities and adapting their systems to the constantly changing environment.

Why Bulgaria

For many decades, Bulgaria was recognized as the „Soviet Silicon Valley” - a major center, which supplied the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe with quality hardware and software.

Bulgaria is an European Union member country and is the only European country in the Top 10th of the A.T. Kearney’s Off-shoring for Long-term Advantage, Index 2007 – the annual ranking of the most attractive Top 50 locations worldwide for „off-shoring” of service activities such as IT, business processes and contact centers.

High level of Bulgarian science and educational system (Sofia University, Technical University, National Academy of Arts etc.) has been demonstrated and admitted in various spheres including Information Technologies, Software Development and Graphic Design.

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