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If you're in the market for a job or an internship and think that BSH is right for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us at, (+359 2) 400 56 ​8​0 or via the quick form on the right.

We believe that if you assemble the right people, give them the right tools and support, they can do anything. Our teams are based on this shared vision and are held together by mutual trust, extensive collective experience and high degree of personal satisfaction.

​​We recognize that the value we bring to our customers is directly related to the qualifications and satisfaction of our employees. Therefore, we seek to bring the best and the brightest together, helping them grow as developers, managers and people.

Our team

  • Bojil Bojilov

    Bojil Bojilov, CTO and Solution Architect:


    BSH is a small company; the structure and processes are as simple and linear as possible. I think most of us consider each other part of one big family. With most of the team members, we have been working together for more than 10 years. There is no need for bureaucracy, formalities, or hierarchical levels of decision approval.​​

  • Mariya Raleva

    Mariya Raleva, Quality Assurance:


    During all these years, the main thing that kept me in this company was the team. I love teamwork. Our teams complement each other. My colleagues are great. Above all, they are all humans—responsive, ready to help, to listen, to drink a cup of tea, coffee, or wine in a tense moment. You can always rely on support and encouragement from everyone.​​

  • Zlatin Gradev

    Zlatin Gradev, Software Developer:


    What keeps me working at BSH is the overall work environment and the work ethic, which have been created here by the people and the teams. The projects I work on give me the opportunity to learn new technologies and to face different challenges, which facilitates my professional development all the time. On the other hand, the people I work with are always ready to help, to provide an opinion or advice, which greatly facilitates the work process.​​

  • Mila Kelesheva

    Mila Kelesheva, Junior Backend Developer:


    As a person just starting my career development, it was very important for me to feel comfortable giving my best. During the internship program at BSH, I gained theoretical knowledge about many technologies and had the chance to apply them in practice. My mentor was very professional, dedicated, and patient. He was always available for assistance and support, and he approached each situation with understanding. And when one studies in a calm environment, success is inevitable :)​​

  • Teodora Toncheva

    Teodora Toncheva, Software Developer:


    Working at BSH provides a fantastic opportunity for both professional development and personal growth. I am fortunate to be part of a team of outstanding professionals, which fosters an environment of learning and progress.​​

  • Bilyana Petrova

    Bilyana Petrova, Software Engineer:


    Being at BSH allows me to both draw inspiration from my colleagues and serve as a source of inspiration for them, fostering a mutually motivating environment.​​