BSH's vision is to become one of the best software companies in the Balkan region, providing creative and cost-effective offshore software development to help our Bulgarian and international clients meet their IT challenges.

We focus on building top of the Balkan region technical skills in Microsoft technologies to be able to serve our clients on the best possible level.​​


Our mission is to provide world-class technology solutions, to build long-lasting relationships with clients and partners, and to maximize shareholders’ value through implementation of effective and ethical work practices.


  • Enhance client satisfaction through quality product and service offerings, personal approach and timely follow-up service.
  • Accumulate large knowledge base by attracting top professionals in respective areas of expertise.
  • Work closely with employees on their professional and personal development to achieve employees’ satisfaction and improved efficiency and effectiveness of the work process.
  • Provide our clients with advanced skills and focused expertise by forming teams of professionals in several fields, working exclusively on each project.


  • Develop a pool of repetitive clients as a result of our superior service offering and ongoing client support.
  • Use a certification in ISO 9001 as an accomplishment of organization’s strategy of best practices implementation in all operations and processes.


In accordance with our vision and mission, we seek to develop and foster company culture reflecting the following values:

  • Integrity;
  • Fairness;
  • Professionalism;
  • Mutual Respect;
  • Loyalty.

In whatever BSH does — for our clients, employees, partners, shareholders, and for the society at large.