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Ministry of Interior's New Web Face

02 July 2004

​Just three days before a historical occasion – the commemoration of its 125-year anniversary – Bulgaria's Ministry of the Interior bet on the modern. On Friday, July 2, 2004 the Ministry’s Press Office and Public Relations Directorate launched its fashionable and dynamic Web site.

Now at mvr.bg, visitors may access the site and, following the intuitive navigation, quickly find news and information about the ministry from the horse’s mouth.

This first site exhibits a design and structure that is to be replicated in another 60 sites, standing for each service, regional and administrative structure within the framework of the institution. The Web portal is expected to be fully deployed within a year.

Behind its design - the unified content arrangement, graphic outlook, navigation and functionality - stands BSH.

BSH Chief Designer Boril Karaivanov said, “Since the main problem stood in the integration of many and divergent structures, we chose to implement the modular approach. In effect, we provided each ministerial unit a set of Web parts, from which they selected only those applicable to their individual structure or type of activity. Thus modules allowed for consistency within the Web portal, while site-specific selection formed the distinctive outlook for each ministerial unit.”

BSH deployed the system on Microsoft’s Content Management Server 2002, the latest tool for development of dynamic Web sites of the US software giant. Now content authors may update the site quickly and easily, as the system allows upload of information within a minute and its use requires no technical skills.

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