BSH team is here for you, to guide you in the digital transformation journey. Prior automating let us support you in understanding if your current way of running the business is optimal, and then – automate.

Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful platform that enables your organization to collaborate seamlessly in a mobile, intelligent intranet environment. It has never been easier to share and manage content, documents and workflows. Moreover, to engage all your team – keep everyone informed with personalized and targeted content. Inspire everyone to be willing to share knowledge and expertise.

BSH offers flexible deployment models


Server-based SharePoint deployments – tailoring and adapting SharePoint sites according to the needs and requirements.


SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365 – collaboration flexibility, organized in cloud environments.


The strengths of on-premises and cloud SharePoint deployments – united in hybrid solutions.

Let us create for you real enterprise digital experiences with processes, workflows and collaboration for every device, anywhere.

  • Document management
  • Process management
  • Knowledge management
  • Learning management