In every organization, communication needs to happen between employees. This can take many forms and span a multitude of products, which can lead to insecure and non-compliant communications, especially when it comes to healthcare, legal and finance.

As Teams is integrated into Office 365, it gives employees a communication platform that is secure and compliant, but also tightly integrated with other secure compliant platforms and tools for storing files, sending messages, and collaborating with other employees.

BSH offers:

Line-of-Business, third-party app integration in Microsoft Teams

  • What line of business (LoB) systems are you using?
  • What third-party apps do you use?
  • Is there an opportunity here to centralize employee work into Teams?

This could be integration with CRM/ERP, or maybe some other third-party service integration. Other modernization opportunities could include embedding other business data into Teams or a service integration in a specific vertical.

Business process and workflow automation in Microsoft Teams

Every company has business processes and workflows it must follow. Which are yours?

With the integration of PowerApps and Flow into Teams, this enables a perfect opportunity for centralizing those processes and workflows in Teams. We offer secure and scalable modernization opportunities within the organization that can be improved with these tools, within Office 365 and Teams.

With Microsoft Teams you can integrate and build workflows to simplify processes and accelerate decision-making and seamlessly include process and services you need to leverage every day, like HR systems, IT support channels, employee training systems and resources, and much more.

Application development within Microsoft Teams

  • Do you already have a roadmap for creating a tool or an app within Teams?

There are many ways to build applications with Teams, such as Messaging extensions, Tabs, Bots, Webhooks and connectors, Task modules and cards. BSH has the technical expertise to build the tools you need and integrate them within Microsoft Teams.

With BSH as your technology partner you will discover the benefits of using Microsoft Teams in your organization. Customizing and extending Teams might be as simple as bringing together all familiar Microsoft Office applications, reducing context switching, and creating conversations around content.

Imagine a day where all an organization’s applications not only show up in one single user interface but also work better together, allowing users to stay in the flow of their work. This day can be today and the collaboration platform which can make it possible is Microsoft Teams.