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Site of Int'l Fair Redesigned

27 September 2004

​​The International Fair – Plovdiv ushered one of its large-scale events – the International Technical Fair, Autumn 2004 – with a ground-breaking country partnership with the Czech Republic, a record-high in visitor and exhibiting numbers and an update of its Web site.

At www.fair.bg, companies and visitors from Bulgaria and abroad may learn all about past, current and future events, find company profiles of visiting companies, sort exhibitors by country, industry and line of business.

With the functionality upgrades, companies now can save time by applying for an event online. To that, they may take a virtual walk round the fairgrounds and specify the pavilion, the size and type of stand or bungalow, the furnishing of their liking.

The Web site, designed and powered by BSH, enjoys the full functionality of the Microsoft Content Management System. 

Now any authorized author may publish news and events from any PC and for a fraction of the time he needed before, fair officials say. The author and editor hierarchy allows for better quality control over the content of published items. 

With the system, the automated processing of all incoming online requests and applications has waived the need to involve staff in the process. This new efficiency, according to officials, will help optimize the staff numbers, reduce the paperwork and redirect the freed human resource to tasks of higher benefit.

Bringing meaningful change, document and knowledge sharing, and seamless process automation is our commitment to customers!