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Grand Prix 2004 for bnr.bg

07 June 2004

BSH was there, competed and it got it. And it was the Grand Prix of Bulgarian Web Festival in Albena 2004, the annual meeting place for Bulgaria’s Web achievements. The event took place within the framework of International Media Events Festival in Bulgaria in the first week of June, 2004.

On June 5 the Web Site of Bulgarian National Radio (www.bnr.bg), which went on Web air with its three radios speaking 11 languages on topics ranging from domestic and international politics to children’s issues, was ranked ‘The Best Web Site of the Year’ for its simplicity, functionality and usability.

A jury of domestic and international experts selected the media site among the first-rated Web sites in 13 categories. Depending on their content and target audience, sites were differentiated into E-Business, Education, Culture and Art, Finance, Corporate, News. BNR was named winner in its category - Media.

“Now BNR speaks your language and can reach even the most geographically distant locations,” Boril Karaivanov, BSH Design Department Director said on receiving the award. “Now Bulgarians from all over the globe can hear and read the latest news from Bulgaria and about Bulgaria. I thank BNR for the chance to let us do it. And I thank BSH for the professionalism to make it happen.”

Polya Stancheva, BNR Director, said she was happy that BNR journalists now possess a professional Web tool that will help them sustain their reputation for journalistic excellence on the World Wide Web as well.

The BNR award did not come alone. BSH Ltd. took the second place in the Corporate Web Site category with Bulstrad, the site of Bulgarian insurance company Bulstrad AD.

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