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Actavis Unveils Corporate and Web Identity

31 May 2004

​On May 17, Icelandic generic pharmaceuticals producer Pharmaco Group hf. adopted its new name – Actavis Group hf. in a bid to converge established, but different brands under a common corporate identity. This was a necessary move for a company coming out of an aggressive five-year expansion wave and with appetites to become a leader on a global scale.

In line with this strategy and concurrently with rechristening, Actavis launched its new Web portal with four of a total of 13 regional Web sites covering the entire production and development facility range.

All sites are built after a singular pattern in navigation, graphic design and functionality to further the cohesive corporate identity undertaking to the Web.

The implementation of the Web development project was entrusted to a team of Actavis Bulgaria and BSH designers and programmers. The team selected Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 (MS CMS 2002) to allow enhanced content quality at reduced costs and time for publication.

Now with MS CMS functionality, the Web site enjoys simplified operations. Publication of Web pages no longer needs HTML programming and may be conducted in a minute. The editor option allows all texts pass proofreading before actual publication on the Web. Additional in-house software upgrades helps authors automatically synchronize new and revised product catalogues within a regional Web site with that of the corporate.

Ognyan Drenski, Actavis Bulgaria IT Director, said “With the new Web portal, Actavis not only found an alternative way to promote its new corporate identity, but also reduced internal redundancies in people, processes and infrastructure. And not to the expense of perceived value to online visitors.”

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