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Den Bol’s Web Site – а Different Perspective on the Corporate Design

10 May 2005

​​Where is the cross-point of the adventure, sports and the Net? You will find the answer if you visit www.wakeski.com – the representative Web site of the leading European importer and distributor of watersport products Den Bol. The site is designed and realized by BSH (Bulgarian Software House) and is based on Microsoft Commerce Server 2002. It offers an exceptionally high level of interactivity.

Den Bol’s Web site has versions in four languages and presents the attractive product catalogue of the company which consists of up to 400 products. The visitors can easily view with a click of the mouse the different color variations, can download product manuals, install beautiful wallpapers and can find the nearest Den Bol’s dealer. The creative and modern design literally unveils to the Web users the world of summer en-tertainment.

This site is only a small part from a bigger and more ambitious project. The launch of e-business Web site is at hand, designed especially for Den Bol’s dealers. Through it they will be able to check the products availability, to make on-line orders and, to follow up each order’s stage of fulfillment.

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