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BSH Contributes to the International Media Awards for Web Albena 2005

10 May 2005

​This year BSH created the vision and functionality of the Web Site of the International Media Awards for Web Albena – part of the XI International Media Events and the most prestigious Web forum in Southeast and Central Europe. The responsible task has been assigned to the BSH team following the company’s undisputable success in the last year’s competition when the BNR’s site won the well-deserved award for Site of the Year 2004; and the first award for a media site, and the Web Site of Bulstrad was​​ the best Bulgarian corporate Web Site of the Year 2004.

So, what has to be the site of a Web Festival? Of course, it has to meet all principles of effectiveness. The site 2005.bwa.bg​, created by BSH, is in accordance with all accessibility and usability rules. Secondly, the design has to reflect the Festival’s specifics, its atmosphere and philosophy. With its simple but exceptionally stylish and attractive vision 2005.bwa.bg ​carries something of the spirit of the sea and the people who create the New medium - Internet.

The site is an important part of the PR campaign of the Web Festival which will mark this year’s competition with the strong presence in the jury of internationally acknowledged design professionals such as Artemy Lebedev, Philip Smirnov and Ralph Andreas Linhof. Two of the BSH’s professionals  – Asen Katsov and Vladimir Georgiev – will contribute to the high level of the seminar’s agenda with lectures on topics „The Steps in a Web Site Production” and „How People With Disabilities Use the Web?”.

This year again BSH placed its strong application entering the competition with four Web sites created by the company’s team – www.fair.bg of the International Fair - Plovdiv, the corporate site of Kenar www.kenar.bg, the online service www.smartshare.net ​and the e-commerce Web site of Den Bol www.wakeski.com. The gage is thrown.

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