DevOps - leave no room for dysfunctional teams!

Ease the adoption of DevOps practices through cloud solutions:

  • Self-service
  • Rapid deployment times
  • Infrastructure defined as a code
  • Broad ecosystem of tooling
  • Quick recovery from incidents
  • High value to end customers

BSH offers DevOps services and agile automation software deployment that deliver consistent application development and architecture for any cloud, implementation of common DevOps practices and the use of identical tools across clouds.

DevOps Assessment

Whatever your goals, BSH DevOps Services can help you streamline your business according to DevOps and Azure DevOps best practices.

DevOps Automation

BSH consultants will provide you with a roadmap to:

  • Leverage workflows
  • Support integration modules to connect to the cloud and external systems
  • Benefit from automation-as-a-service scenarios
  • Automate repetitive or long-running processes
  • Schedule the execution of scripts
  • Monitor you cloud environment in dashboards

DevOps Monitoring

BSH will provide you with tools for monitoring and managing your cloud resources and DevOps environments. BSH will proactively predict and respond to issues before they occur and provide continuous automation support to your business.