Clients Interactive Wizard for A1



Our Contribution

Design and Development

Client Profile

​​A1 Bulgaria is a leading provider of communications, payment, and entertainment services as well as integrated business solutions. A1 Bulgaria offers a complete portfolio of ITS, ICT, cloud and hosting solutions that are scalable for business of all sizes – from SOHO and SMBs to the enterprise and public sector. The company is part of A1 Group –a leading provider of digital services and communications solutions.

The Solution

A1 needed an interactive solution to provide information in real time to support company agents, consultants, and account managers in their daily discussions and conversations with customers. BSH designed and developed an interactive wizard (A1 Help Guru), which is now part of the A1 Knowledge Management System. The interactive wizard provides screens with multiple choice solution paths to frequently asked questions. The wizard guides the company representative through multiple steps until the best answer or advice is presented to the end customer, based on the answers she/he has provided. In case the solution to the customer query turns out to be complex or requires escalation, the wizard connects the result of the query to the internal ticketing systems and raises the necessary ticket.