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Our Contribution

Web design and CMS

  • ASP.NET Core
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Umbraco CMS

Client Profile

The gas interconnector Greece – Bulgaria (project IGB) will connect the Greek town of Komotini with the Bulgarian town of Stara Zagora. The interconnector will have the length of 182 km and a technical capacity of up to 3 bcm per year with an option for increasing the transmission capacity to up to 5 bcm per year by construction of a compressor station. The construction of the IGB project aims to ensure diversification not only of the routes but also of the natural gas sources for Bulgaria and the region. As part of the development of the Southern Gas Corridor, through IGB Bulgaria and its neighboring countries will have access to alternative supplies from the Caspian region as well as from existing or prospective LNG terminals. IGB is set to create new market opportunities and will enhance international partnerships in the region. The gas interconnector Greece – Bulgaria is recognized as a leading project for the CESEC initiative and has excellent synergy with other major projects like TAP and TANAP. The project is a game changer for the Bulgarian energy market with its ability to increase the competition and decrease the prices for consumers while securing diversified gas deliveries. The IGB project is developed by the project company ICGB AD, where shareholders with equal rights are the Bulgarian Energy Holding (BEH) and IGI Poseidon SA. The Public Gas Corporation of Greece (DEPA S.A.) and EDISON S.p.A are co-shareholders in IGI Poseidon SA. The regulatory status of IGB is regulated by an exemption decision from third party regulated access. The deadline for completions of the construction of the interconnector is 18 months after initiation construction activities. IGB is expected to enter into operation in 2020.

The Solution

In September 2022 Bulgarian Software House - BSH launched the new version of the representative website for the gas interconnector Greece – Bulgaria (ICGB AD – Gas Interconnector Greece-Bulgaria, BSH developed the website with security and ease-of-use in mind, using a modern system for content management.

The web design was carefully crafted to be in line with the economic importance of the gas interconnector, while still conveying a modern and dynamic user-friendly interface. The representative website has the capacity to sustain lots of visual content (both video and images), as well as to represent operational and business information related to the project. It is available in three languages (Bulgarian, Greek and English) and supports buyer profiles and public procurement functionality.