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The Web Site of NRA – All Tax-Related Information on a Click

17 February 2006

​​Along with the new National Revenue Agency was launched its Web site. It is created by BSH and its main task is not only to be a face of the new super-structure but to become an irreplaceable assistant of the Bulgarian citizens in the process of tax and social insurance paying.

The Web site’s design is simple, its navigation is functional, and the orientation in it – easy and fast regardless of the enormous amount of information it offers to visitors. During its creation all accessibility standards and usability recommendations were followed.

At www.nap.bg the Bulgarian taxpayers can find the whole legislation about taxes and social insurance as well the related acts and decrees. They can check for important tax paying and form filing dates in a useful calendar or just learn how to reach the nearest NRA’s office.

Through a specific module, the Web site allows online filing of forms and tax payment, for these who don’t have an e-signature, it provides all needed blanks as well as detailed instructions for their filling in so the web users can save time.

The Web site of NRA is updated continuously and its visitors can be sure it offers them the most recent information.

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