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Rotary in Bulgaria with a Modern Web Presence

15 September 2006

​​​​BSH created the official Web portal of Rotary clubs in Bulgaria and empowered the organization with cutting-edge technologies and superb design that are in accordance with the latest trends in the field.

The purpose of www.rotary​.bg is to offer thorough information about District 2480, Rotary clubs in Bulgaria, Rotary projects and all events related to the organization. Each local club has its own page on the Web site that presents its activity, schedule of meetings and contact details. The Web site is useful not only ​for the Rotary members but for all visitors who want to learn more about the organization – its history and programs, the initiatives of Rotary Foundation as well as the terms of Rotary membership. The modern and dynamic design of the site corresponds to the look and feel of Rotary International’s Web site and provides District 2480 with a modern and strong Internet presence.

The rich information on t​he site is structured in intelligible site categories and it is easy to find with two mouse clicks; the navigation is intuitive and the Web site visitors are provided with the additional possibility for reaching the desired content through site’s search engine. The overall Web site design is attractive and pleasant due to the beautiful photographs by Tsvetan Chetashki ​​used for the site headings.

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