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Modern Internet Presence of Bulgarian Diplomatic Missions Abroad

22 June 2005

​​​The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria and BSH (Bulgarian Software House) have created the Internet portal Bulgaria.bg. It provides comprehensive information about the activities of the Bulgarian diplomatic missions abroad and the services they provide.According to the latest unofficial statistics over 1,000,000 Bulgarians live and work abroad. 

Bulgaria.bg aims at turning into a priceless assistant for those Bulgarians. With one click of the mouse they can quickly discover the closest to them Bulgarian diplomatic mission, learn about its history, acquaint with their key officers. Besides, our fellow citizens abroad can learn about the services each mission provides, about the bilateral relations with the corresponding country and leading international organizations. Last but most important, all Bulgarians abroad can find out the latest news about their home country and can feel it closer to them.

The exhaustive information, the beautiful illustrations and the rich content about Bulgaria are directed towards each foreigner who wants to know more about our country through this modern Internet portal. In the portal with impressive design and a contemporary content management are presented all 100 diplomatic missions of Bulgaria abroad. For now only 24 of them, which encompass the countries with largest Bulgarian communities, have their full content published. There is intensive work on the extended presentation of the rest of the missions, besides not only in Bulgarian and English, but also in the official languages of the corresponding countries – totally in over 70 languages!

This huge scale of Bulgaria.bg makes this portal the most impressive and ambitious undertaking of that kind in the world!

Bringing meaningful change, document and knowledge sharing, and seamless process automation is our commitment to customers!