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Launch of Performance and Task Management platform for A1. Low-code/no-code solution built on top of Microsoft 365 and Power Platform

08 March 2023

In March 2023 Bulgarian Software House - BSH finished development and launched a Performance and Task Management software platform for A1. The platform digitalizes, accelerates and automates evaluation and alignment of individual sales consultants' performance with the overall organizational sales strategy and objectives. It is available both as a mobile and a desktop version.

Bojil Bojilov, CTO and Solution Architect of the implementation, summarized the completed project: "The platform is a low-code/no-code solution built on top of Microsoft 365 and Power Platform. It empowers management from different levels to gain extensive and multi-layer visibility into employee performance of A1's branch network across Bulgaria. The app provides a robust tool to execute pre-defined checklists for Performance Management and Task Management, to assign and track tasks, plan onsite visits, and to track and analyze Business Operations and Performance improvement across the organization".

Currently the platform is used in more than 200 stores, by more than 1,000 A1 employees. Due to its modern and simple UI interface its adoption across the organization has been very fast. Users are reporting high rates of engagement due to its intuitive and well-designed interface, and fast loading time.

The platform boosts A1’s Performance management of B2C sales and operations processes across the branch network and provides a scalable, flexible, and secure environment for improvement of the organization’s values and culture. It ensures quality and organizational standards are implemented and tracked across the entire organization and provides a reliable tool for continuous improvement.