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Kenar’s Web Presence

16 February 2005

​​On the 1st of February 2005 was launched the new Web site of Kenar – designed and powered by BSH Ltd. It can be found at: www.kenar.bg. Through easy and fast navigation the Web visitors can access interesting and useful information about the company, its history and structure. 

The site allows interested people to apply online for open job positions, provides contact information for different Kenar’s branches and a scale of opportunities for successful partnership.

One of the most attractive and interesting sections of the Web site is the Kenar’s product catalogue. It contains comprehensive information about the rich scale of Kenar’s products. There are detailed descriptions of the ingredients, energy values, curious facts as well as Kenar’s special recommendations for delicious and healthy nutrition.

The site’s message is lead by the company’s vision that the good dish guarantees healthy and successful life.

With its beautiful images, rich illustrations, fast navigation and a high-scaled usability the Kenar’s Web site lines up with the most attractive sites made by BSH. And unquestionably it tastes delicious.

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