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Impressive Internet Presence for Sopharma PLC

04 April 2008

​​BSH and one of the largest Bulgarian pharmaceutical companies – Sopharma PLC launched www.sopharma.bg.

The design of the Web site entirely corresponds to the corporate culture. The Web site content is focused on all target user groups - patients, doctors, pharmacists and investors. There is a comprehensive Products section where the visitors can find a full product list with detailed information about each medication – constituents, short product characteristics, and whether it is an OTC product or it is a prescription drug. The list of medications can be filtered by pharmacotherapeutic group, sorted by alphabetical order or searched by generic name. The visitors can also read useful articles about the medications and learn more about certain conditions. An on– line form allows the users to easily report any unexpected reactions to a medicine.

There is a protected section for the doctors which they can visit after a simple process of authentication. There they can find useful articles and publications. The broad social initiatives of the company have found their place in the Social Responsibility section and the current corporate news and campaigns have been presented in the Accent section.

As Sopharma is the biggest Bulgarian public company one of the most prominent Web site sections is focused on the financial and stock exchange information. The Investors category contains all corporate documents – reports for the last six years, correspondence to the financial institutions, stock exchange data updated in real time, as well as financial news and frequently asked questions – everything useful and necessary to all Sopharma investors and partners.

The Bulgarian version of the corporate Web site is only one part of a broader project. Two more language versions are scheduled for launch – English and Russian. Each representative office of Sopharma all around the world will have a mini–Web site in the structure of www.sopharma.bg.

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