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BSH Provides Bulgarian National Television with a Powerful Communication Channel via Internet

11 June 2003

To enhance its image in the highly competitive TV news broadcasting industry, Bulgarian National Television (BNT) decided to transform its static brochure-type Web site into a new dynamic Web site with accurate up-to-date information and extensive video content. BNT completely outsourced its Web site design, hosting, management, and support to BSH.

BSH solution provides BNT with a unique combination of fast deployment, great functionality, ease of use, and low cost. In addition, the new and improved Web application extends BNT brand of high-quality journalism, puts it head and shoulders above its competitors and comfortably positions BNT for future growth.

The new 2,500+-page BNT Web site was launched on April 22nd 2002 and became the first Web site of a public national television based on the Microsoft Content Management Server 2001, part of the Microsoft .NET Enterprise Server family.

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