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ACT Soft Ltd. Joins the Growing Community of Satisfied BSH' Customers

15 June 2002

​In May 2002, ACT Soft Ltd. started an initiative to provide the Bulgarian IT public with relevant information on technology updates as well as extensive news coverage in Bulgarian of events related to the world leaders in information technologies like Microsoft, Symantec, Adobe Systems, Corel Corporation, ScanSoft, Computer Associates, Graphisoft and Auralog.

Integrating Microsoft .Net platforms and technologies, BSH provided a solution in support of ACT Soft news bulletin initiative. BSH used its knowledge and experience in deploying the Microsoft Content Management Server 2001 as a Web-based application service to offer advanced technology backing of the ACT Soft team. ACT Soft Ltd. chose BSH as an Application Service Provider and enjoyed the unique mix of BSH professional knowledge, the latest Microsoft software and IBM hardware for a monthly service fee. The Web application was up and running in no time and within budget. ACT Soft Bulletin provides the Bulgarian IT audience with timely and accurate information about events, product releases and news in the IT sector.

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