BSH ltd. is Symantec Small & Medium Business Partners. The Small and Medium Business (SMB) Specialization recognizes our expertise in providing solutions and services to Small and Medium Business market segment.

Our Sales experts have more than 15 years’ experience in selling different types of Symantec solutions. Our experience and expertise of Accredited SMB Specialist give us the confidence that we can recognize the specific needs of different types of customers and offer them the right solutions with the necessary level of information security and reliability.

Symantec Licensing Programs


The Express Program is for small to mid-sized companies that need an easy way to purchase license quantities— without the complexity of contracts. It simplifies buying license quantities for use within the country of purchase. Buyers are freed from formal contracts and commitments, and are eligible to receive discounts for purchases that grow with the size of each order. Managing your discount eligibility can help you manage your bottom line.


  • Available for all software products
  • No ongoing financial commitment
  • Incentives for total volume of each order
  • No signed contact required
  • Low minimum requirements


The Rewards Program is for mid-sized to large organizations and affiliates that need streamlined procurement, volume-purchasing incentives, predictable pricing, and de-centralized purchasing under a common Symantec Agreement Number (SAN). The Rewards Program provides discounts for aggregated purchasing volume across distributed organizations and affiliates, plus flexible procurement processes to simplify buying in large, decentralized organizations—especially multinationals.


  • Available for all software products
  • Rewards purchasing volume and ongoing relationship
  • Easy online enrollment
  • Online account management and trac​king
  • Enables support and maintenance service co-termination
  • Simple ordering process

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