Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a Platform-as-a-service and Infrastracture-as-a-service cloud hosting option. With Azure platform as a part of your infrastructure you can take advantage to all benefits of building and managing applications in the cloud. Your organization and your business will gain competitive advantage with better performance and improved availability and flexibility.

Microsoft Azure provides you with:

  • Automated system management tasks
  • Reduced IT costs
  • Scalable storing capacity
  • Cost-effective hosting options

Our Expertise

Out team will help during the entire process of technology change to ensure that it will be quick, efficient and without interruption of your common tasks and business operations.

We provide the following services:

  • Azure onboarding help, support and assistance.
  • VPN and cross-premises connectivity, SharePoint Server farm configurations.         

  • Cloud identity and access management.
  • SQL workload installation, configuration and tuning.
  • Cloud workload infrastructure setup.
  • Network virtualization and hybrid cloud integration.


Microsoft Azure can be purchased via the tree licensing options listed below. We suggest you speak to us before you make your licensing choices so we can help ensure you are on the most cost effective scheme for your current and planned Azure usage.

Microsoft Azure on Open Licensing

Microsoft Azure can now be purchased through the Open Licensing programme. Open Licensing offers flexible purchasing and the ability to add services and solutions across the existing IT environment.

Microsoft Azure in Open Licensing example:

Microsoft Azure in Open Licensing is purchased in the form of an Online Service Activation (OSA) Key, which is a pre-paid credit in $100 increments that lasts for 12 months. Once an OSA Key has been purchased and redeemed, you can spend its value on any Azure service SKU. For example, if you wish to purchase $1,000 worth of Azure in Open, you would purchase ten $100 SKUs. You can purchase as many credits in multiples of $100 as you require and each will have 12 months validity from activation.

Microsoft Online Subscription Programme (MOSP)

This is a subscription-based Microsoft Volume Licensing programme for an organisation with five or more users wanting to add online services to its portfolio.

Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG)

This licensing agreement follows monthly usage quotas and requires no upfront payment and can be cancelled at any time. PAYG is suitable for small companies or for a developer working on a specific project needing to replicate a client’s environment and build directly to a specification.