SharePoint Sites

In the today's business world Internet is the place where your organization will meet most of your customers, partners and prospects and the strong web presence of your brand is a must.

Our website solutions based on SharePoint platform provide ou​r clients with features and benefits for all parties.

Content Authors

Content authors can focus on their main tasks and ensure organization’s online content is up-to-date, fresh and easy to find by the search engines. They have:​

  • Web based, familiar "Word style" tools for content editing and publishing
  • Content approval workflows
  • Brand consistency with automatic styling
    • Cross browser content editing capabilities
    • Cross device content editing capabilities – the UI is optimized for mobile browsers for PC, Mac, tablet and phone form factors
    • The authors could reuse content, already created in office documents (Word, Excel, PDF & Power Point). You can store frequently used content directly into the CMS and reuse it on demand
    • The authors can define metadata properties and use them for content classification. These properties can be used later in search.



IT Staff

IT staff benefits from an easy to manage, scalable platform that doesn’t require time-intensive tasks for support and maintenance. IT professionals get:

  • Unified platform for organization’s intranet, extranet and public web site
  • Time to focus on their mail tasks and goals without the need to facilitate personally in content publishing
  • Scalability and extensibility for quick and easy adjustments of the infrastructure when necessary.

Website Visitors

Web site visitors will be impressed by the branded user experience and quick and easy access to content that they are interested in. The will benefit with:

  • Targeted content based on location, device and activity
  • Search and navigation that lead quickly to the desired information and saves precious time
  • Content tailored for the device types – desktops, mobiles and tablets.