In today's business world the corporate Intranet ​​​​is not only a tool to share information with your employees. It's a place where your staff can communicate and collaborate, where the corporate culture and values can be enforced, where the internal processes can be streamlined and improved. The corporate Intranet is a vital part of the everyday tasks in the modern companies.

The Intranet solutions provided by us are SharePoint based and can help you with:

Enhanced Communication and Collaboration

Social computing will motivate your users to work, share and communicate in meaningful and productive ways. We creates intranets that enforces team collaboration and cooperation. We enable your users to find and share information, express themselves and increase their expertise through different formats and Sharepoint features:

  • My Sites
  • Audience Profiling
  • Team Sites
  • Blogs

Improved Resource Management

Good resource management is crucial for the success of every organizations. To be effective it should be easy f​​or use, intuitive and allowing a high level of performance. Sharepoint provides a lot of resource management features that are well known from the Microsoft Office suite.

In addition, our intranets empowers the companies with powerful features like:

  • Master page maintenance
  • Page layout and consistency 
  • Automated Versioning
  • Document Permissions Management
  • Smart Tagging
  • Centralized Data Storage
  • Powerful search capabilities

Automation and Process Optimization

Automated tasks and well defined process steps can solve time improve productivity. SharePoint based Intranet can provide you with:

In addition, our intranets empowers the companies with powerful features like:

  • Alerts functionality to keep your users well informed
  • Workflow rules for tasks and processes with clearly defined steps
  • Approval processes that serves to the organizational standards and guarantee the high quality