Enterprise Content Management

The steady success of modern organizations is inevitably related to the capabilities for processing, storing and finding information. Most organizations need a solution for document management and collaboration for their staff or they are doomed to fail.

We provide our customers with secure, reliable e​​nterprise content management solutions based on Sharepoint that solve the almost entire live cycle of document and content management:

  • Publish documents
  • Collaboration
  • Document management
  • Search functionalities
  • Role based access and permissions
  • Web interface for document editing for Office documents

Document Management

Our solutions are a powerful tool for document storing, editing, searching and proceeding. You can store all your vital content in a structured way and it will be a click away for your staff every time and everywhere. User and group permissions guarantee that the information will be secured and available only to the people that have appropriate rights to proceed and use it.


SharePoint based solutions will allow you to search easily for your documents and data using a powerful search engine, tagging and filtering functionality.